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To Live or Not to Live in a Homeowners Association

Homeowners Association 101 Do buyers want to move into a house with a homeowners association or avoid them like the plague? It's a question for the ages. Every homeowner's association is different. Each HOA varies in price, regulations, bene...

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Richmond is for Dog Lovers

Whether you see her sitting in a chair at the Squirrels game, or see him hanging out at a local brewery, dogs are everywhere in Richmond. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many beautiful cities around this country, and they all vary in do...

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Fear Factor: Home Buying

Raise your hand if you can buy a house today. 40% of you who didn’t raise your hand CAN purchase a home right now, crazy, right??  The two greatest reasons people don’t buy a home are fear and misinformation. Purchasing a home is one of ...

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Why Winter Is A Great Time To Sell

Around this time of year, every year, we get the question, “Wouldn’t it be better to wait and sell my house in the Spring?” Unbeknown to most, winter is a great time to sell your property! Redfin, the real estate company, and website,...

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Holiday Events Are HERE

  In mid October, while walking through my local CVS I noticed not one but two holidays on display. Standing next to the ghoulish skeleton draped in black was rose-cheeked Santa Claus and his reindeer. It seems that the winter holid...

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Is Your Home Renovation Worth It?

  Owning a home isn’t the American dream, making a home is! If you’re anything like me, moving into your own house means wanting to paint every wall, fill every room, and make some much “needed” improvements. It’s hard not...

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Scott’s Addition to Richmond

  There is something about Scott’s Addition that really resinates with me. It is quant yet bustling, and brings a unique flavor to the RVA scene. Richmond is a history lovers dream, and Scott’s Addition has a very long past....

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Home Buying Dilemma

Should I or Shouldn’t I? Buying vs. Renting in Todays Market. What is YOUR American dream? The dream most people conjure up typically involves owning a home. Is it the same for you? Unfortunately, if you’re anything like most of us, th...

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Battle of Bamboo vs Hardwood

Its time to make the change, but to what? Drab flooring got you down? The craze of bamboo flooring seemed to erupt onto the real estate scene almost over night. It seems like you can’t get through a HGTV show without hearing how this gras...

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of an Accent Wall

Its time for a color change And for Once I’m not talking about my hair Most of my cravings for a style upgrade hit when the weather gets warm, assumingly because the stale, drab feeling of winter has receded and the world fills with brigh...

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